Who we are

Conference Organizing Committee

Terri Aversa, Ontario Public Service Employees Union

Beryl Brown, Injured Worker

Orlando Buonastella, Injured Workers’ Consultants

Carol Elston, University of Guelph

Marion Endicott, Injured Workers’ Consultants

Laurie Hardwick, Ontario Federation of Labour

Andrew King, University of Ottawa

Alberto Lalli, Industrial Accident Victims Groups of Ontario

Steve Mantis, Ontario Network of Injured Workers’ Groups

Scott McIlmoyle, Canadian Autoworkers Union, Local 112

John McKinnon, Injured Workers’ Consultants

Maryam Nazemi, Injured Worker

Wendy Knelsen, Injured Worker

Jennifer Pothier, Niagara North Community Legal Assistance

Eric Tucker, York University

Robert Storey, McMaster University