Commission Report

Revived Meredith Commission final reportIn June 2015, the Revived Sir William Meredith Royal Commission report prepared by co-chairs Robert Storey and Carolann Elston was presented at the Ontario Network of Injured Workers / Ontario Federation of Labour Conference. The report includes

  • a summary of testimony and selections from over 100 injured workers’ presentations to the sittings
  • an analysis of their major concerns
  • recommendations on systemic faults and limitations that have not been satisfactorily addressed over a very long period of time.

“What we found was a strong belief among injured workers that the Ontario workers’ compensation system is broken. The legislative changes and the policies and regulations that have put in place particularly over the last 20 years have all but eliminated the positive reforms of the of the 1970s and 1980s. It is a system, they believe, that has lost its moral compass…”

Additionally, the co-chairs discuss the role the role of injured workers speaker schools in making the necessary links between thoughtful work and injured worker activism, crucial to past successes. It is their hope also that the processes associated with the “No Half Measures” conference and the Revived Meredith Commission have lead to a greater interest in, and concern about, the overall conditions of injured workers – by injured workers and just as importantly, by workers who are not injured.

“We hope as well that injured workers know that they are not alone; that their frustrations and anger is justified and shared … We hope that in what has been a fruitful process of interpreting the worlds of injured workers, the time has come for all injured workers to come together to change them…”