Health outcomes post-injury – researcher wins 3MT award

Rebecca Casey is McMaster University’s new 3MT
People’s Choice Award winner for her three-minute thesis on  “Health outcomes following a work injury”.

A PhD candidate at McMaster’s Dept of Sociology, Rebecca was co-presenter with Peri Ballantyne at the 2013 Meredith Conference, Her entry which won the top online vote in this video contest  compares health trajectories of two sample groups of middle-aged workers, one non-injured and one with work-related permanent impairment. The statistics on their respective physical and mental health conditions after four years were shocking – even more so, the researcher notes, when one realizes the health characteristics of the two sample groups before injury were not statistically different.

Congratulations Rebecca! – and thank you for donating the $250 prize to the Ontario Network of Injured Workers Groups (ONIWG).