Bringing awareness about injured workers and fighting for a just compensation system , the progressive Canadian online news source, reports on the reconvened Meredith Commission  hearings held around the province ahead of the upcoming No Half Measures Conference, (Oct 31-Nov. 2) to commemorate the release of Sir William Meredith’s final report in 1913. Author Ella Bedard, a Masters student of Canadian labour and indigenous history, interviews the  “new” commissioner, Robert Storey, Director of Labour Studies at McMaster University who, with his acting Secretary and co-Commissioner, PhD student Carol Elston, has held 11 sittings across Ontario since May 2013, listening to injured workers. Their experiences dealing with today’s increasingly adversarial workers’ compensation system powerfully illustrate why a return to the true founding principles as outlined by Meredith is needed to restore justice and fairness. [read full article]