Fair Go for Workers’ Compensation Day June 19


“The only thing more Aussie than a lamington* is a fair go and a fair go was stripped from NSW on 19 June 2012…”  (Unions NSW).  New South Wales workers will rally on the anniversary of cutbacks to their workers compensation system.

The Injured Workers Support Network blog reports on the devastating impact on injured workers of these government measures.
IWSNSubmission2012In its submission to the 2012 Parliamentary Inquiry, the Network predicted “attempts will be made to reduce injured workers entitlements whilst ignoring the obvious problems associated with the claims management process.
Injured workers are already struggling with a system that is ‘mean’ and one which is also making their health and quality of life, in many cases, much worse than it should be. It is our view, that a comprehensive review of the claims management process along with elevated premium setting for non-compliant employers be seriously considered as alternative ways for reducing the current deficit. This would lead to more equitable outcomes, such as decent and proper treatment along with more fair and equitable compensation payments for injured workers and their families…”

[* Lamington – Australian specialty of small squares of sponge cake dipped in chocolate and coconut]