Meredith hearing coming to Hamilton July 11

Calling all Hamilton injured workers to take part in a Meredith hearing and give your feedback on how the workers’ compensation system is (or is not) serving you.

Where: Worker’s Arts and Heritage Centre (WAHC)
51 Stuart Street (street parking available)

When: Thursday July 11, 2013 from 2 – 5 p.m. and from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. There will be 10 minute breaks at 3:30 and 8:00 and a dinner break from 5 to 6:30.

“Opting Out” of Worker’s Compensation Hurts Workers and Employers

Jon L Gelman's Workers Compensation blog
A recent article by Tom Domer in Jon L. Gelman’s Workers’ Compensation blog ( discusses recent legislation by Texas and Oklahoma that allows employers to “opt out” of worker’s compensation, calling “into question the great bargain made between employers and workers over a century ago.”  The author contrasts this legislative trend,  based principally on a short-sighted aim of reducing  costs for businesses, with the route Wisconsin has chosen in ensuring that its Act is dynamic and responsive to all of its constituents.  [read full article]

Meredith hearings reconvened

There have been major changes to Ontario’s workers’ compensation system in the past 20 years. Injured workers consider many of these disregard the intent of the Meredith principles.

Over the next few months before the No Half-measures Conference, its organizers will hold a round of Meredith Hearings in cities across Ontario to learn from injured workers of their experiences dealing with the current system.  “Meredith” will prepare another report for the Conference based on this testimony.

Click on Hearings Schedule for details of meetings (more to be added soon). If you’re interested in making a presentation or learning more about the hearings, please email

Tracking trends in the U.S.

President of the Workers’ Injury Law and Advocacy Group (WILG), Cathy Stanton, recently addressed the National Economic & Social Rights Initiative (NESRI) on Emerging Trends in Legislative Attacks on Injured & Ill Workers. The organization, in tracking state legislation and activities, has identified 10 significant issues in the United States which would negatively impact existing Workers’ Compensation benefits…

[posted on April 4, 2013]