Australia update – Inquiry into Queensland’s workers’ compensation releases report

Queensland Inquiry report

A Queensland parliamentary committee review of the operation of state workers’ compensation recommends expanding the definition of worker and supports universal coverage. Other issues addressed include better management of stress / psychological injury claims; retention of current no-fault system and right to sue ( common law claims)¬† for negligence resulting in serious injury; the need for a national approach to late onset disease claims¬† …

NZ Independent Task Force proposes overhaul of workplace health & safety system

The recently released report of New Zealand’s Independent Task Force on Workplace Health and Safety identifies significant systemic weaknesses that “require an urgent, broad-based step-change in approach and a seismic shift in attitude” by all parties… Among the many wide ranging recommendations, the authors propose incentives to encourage good safety practices, but stress they must be designed to avoid perverse effects such as non-reporting or compensation claims suppression.