Welcome to the website of the  Meredith Conference : No “Half Measures” which explores the state of workers’ compensation 100 years after Sir William Meredith presented his options for reform that would remove injustice for injured workers.

“…Half measures which mitigate but do not remove injustice are, in my judgment, to be avoided. It would be the gravest mistake if questions were to be determined not by a consideration of what is just to the workingman, but of what is the least he can be put off with…”  (W.R. Meredith)

The international conference (October 31 – November 2, 2013 in Toronto, Ontario)  commemorated the anniversary of the publication of the  “Final Report” of Meredith’s three-year  Royal Commission – and the passage in 1914 of Ontario’s first “modern” Workmen’s Compensation Act. Meredith’s principles and recommendations have come to be understood as the foundation of workers’ compensation also in other Canadian provinces and Commonwealth jurisdictions.MC_1705

The Conference Organizing Committee  presented an exciting programme with distinguished Canadian and international speakers, presentations by injured workers and ample opportunity for productive discussion on how and why Meredith is relevant today to workers’ compensation systems.

The Conference was preceded by a province-wide series of hearings conducted by a Revived Meredith Commission co-chaired by Robert Storey and Carolann Elston [see Final Report].

If you have comments or follow-up thoughts on ideas or issues raised at the Conference please email them to meredith@mcmaster.ca. We encourage you to continue the discussion!